Workouts are an important part of motorcycle vacation

Every year, my husband Paul and I take between four and six 2 weeks to explore the country by motorcycle.

We’ve ridden the Harley Davidson from the east to the west coast and back again.

We’ve ridden along the southern border, checked out the midwest and explored the redwoods of the northwest. We’ve been impressed by open planes, breathtaking mountains and navigated large cities. Viewing the landscape from a motorcycle is far different than being sealed inside a car. There are some difficulties associated with traveling by motorcycle. We are exposed to the weather and the ride is exhausting at times. After spending anywhere from five to eight hours straddling a bike, our body is sore and stiff. Whenever we pull off for gas, lavatory or a snack, I take the time to stretch my muscles. I rotate my neck, wrists and hips. I stretch my back and my legs. It isn’t enough movement for me. Getting in a good physical workout each day is important. When Paul and I stop for the night at a better hotel, a workout is no trouble. The larger hotels all feature well-equipped fitness rooms. I set an early morning alarm and devote an hour getting my heart rate elevated. I utilize the stationary bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, free weights and yoga mats. I always take the opportunity to spend a lot of time going through the various stretches that target all of my muscles. When we choose the smaller hotels or set up our tent and camp, achieving my workout goals is a little more challenging. I will go for a three or four mile run. I get some attention when I start jumping rope, squatting and lunging in the hotel parking lot. It doesn’t matter where we spend the night. I always find some opportunity to devote an hour to physical activity in the morning before we hit the road again.


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