Working out with a friend is a compromise

My friend, Linda and I signed up at the gym at the same time.

  • Since the location of the gym is approximately a half hour drive from both of our homes, we figured it would be both more fun and convenient to carpool.

Our daily schedules are very similar, so it shouldn’t have been difficult to arrange a perfect time for our workouts. However, I prefer to exercise right away in the morning and I tend to be an early riser. I wanted to leave for the gym by 7 AM a minimum of five days per week. Linda normally sleeps a bit later and tends to spend a few hours in the morning checking the news online and drinking coffee. She and I managed to compromise and agreed on a 10 AM departure time. We then needed to determine how long we would devote to our workouts at the gym. I am dedicated to a high level of physical fitness and make the workout a priority. I normally spend at least a half an hour on intense cardio exercises such as running, rowing and biking. I also utilize the various machines for weight lifting and make sure to work all the different muscle groups. I always take the time to incorporate lunges, squats, pushups, pull ups and ab crunches into every workout program and finish with dedicated stretching techniques. I was planning to spend about an hour and a half on exercising and then shower prior to driving home. I realized that Linda doesn’t usually get sweaty at the gym. She spends most of her time walking on the treadmill. She will try out a few of the most basic yoga poses. Her priority at the gym is definitely the tanning bed. Linda has no need for a shower before we head home. While I dress in workout gear, have my hair in a ponytail and end up wet with sweat, Linda wears her hair down with makeup and jewelry.

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