The restaurant a/c

I took my family out to lunch one afternoon last April. The restaurant was located a few miles out of the city but with a rich country-side feeling. The employees and fellow patrons were laid back; away from the noise and fast-paced environment they’d typically get in the surrounding cities. The weather was balmy with a slight wind blowing from the east. The terrace was full so we went indoors to dine. As we entered, I felt a sudden rush of cold air as if a draft was sucking in warm air from the outside and blowing cold air in the opposite direction. Having felt this way at another venue years back, I thought it had to do with the air conditioner. I observed the same discomfort with my wife and by the time we sat down, my son’s hands were cold and goosebumps were showing on his arms. We sat and decided to dine as quickly as possible and leave but in the meantime we asked the floor manager to turn down the air conditioner. We assumed he did, but obviously he didn’t!! The food felt tasteless as we were more conscious of the cold. Suddenly, condensation drops were dripping from the vent directly above and we wondered why the air conditioner was on in the first place. An electric fan on slow speed or opening some windows would have sufficed. Maybe it was the HVAC unit that was malfunctioning, but why did they not get a local technician to check the air conditioning system? We’ll never know because we left as fast as we could simply because air cooling and/or circulation was not conducive.

a/c worker