Jumping rope is a fantastic exercise

I’ve flattened my belly, and trimmed my hips and legs

When I was in middle school, we jumped rope in gym class every now and then. I always hated this exercise. I was not happy with how awful I was at it! Just recently, my sisters and I signed up for a group fitness class. Right at the beginning of the first session, the instructor handed out jump ropes. I considered quitting the class right then and there because of it! However, the trainer sized the jump ropes to each of our heights. She then explained how to properly jump rope and had us try some simple training exercises. I had no trouble with those. She told us to begin slowly and get comfortable with technique. I enjoyed the challenge of it and felt good about making progress. I purchased my own jump rope so that I could practice my skills at home. When I first began, I could only jump for a couple minutes before I either messed up or became thoroughly fatigued. I’ve steadily worked my way up and now sometimes jump for a half an hour straight. I’ve learned and perfected a whole series of fun tricks to increase the challenge. I can hop on one foot, turn a full circle in either direction, run with the jump rope, cross the rope and perform high knees. I’m quite proud of my accomplishment, and jumping rope is a really great high intensity workout. I elevate my heart rate and sweat pours down our face. I burn a lot of calories and have seen a marked improvement in my body. I’ve flattened my belly, and trimmed my hips and legs. I make sure to add other exercises into the workout for the entire body. I am careful to avoid too much stress on my feet and knees.


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