I don’t smoke but I love CBD oil

The majority of my friends were excited when legal pot became available in our state.

So many recreational marijuana stores near me opened up and were filled with customers excited to legally purchase recreational marijuana.

I have nothing against recreational marijuana, and I have been a firm believer in legal weed for a long time, but smoking recreational marijuana has never been something I was interested in. My friend, who frequents the cannabis dispensary near me, encouraged me to come with her to the legal weed store for her to pick up a few items. She was convinced that I would find something I liked if I went with her to the cannabis dispensary. After she pleaded for several minutes, I decided to go with her, and I’m so glad that I did! In addition to recreational marijuana the stores had a bevy of CBD products. I had never heard much about CBD products before and assumed it just fell under the same category as recreational marijuana. It turns out, I was completely wrong! As I perused through several of the CBD products, I found some CBD oil that was supposed to help with stress and aid relaxation. And, since I didn’t smoke recreational marijuana, I figured it was worth a try. CBD oil, as well as the other CBD products, were wonderful and really helped me get my stress levels down! I’m very glad that my friend looked past my reluctance and made me go with her to the recreational marijuana dispensary that day! Even if you’re not a fan of recreational marijuana, CBD products really help with stress and relaxation.

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