Hoping to be better about drinking enough water

I was raised in a very rural area, and we did not have access to public water.

My family had a water well located on our property.

The water we drank was extremely hard. It contained an abundance of rust, calcium and lime. The water stained our tubs, sinks, toilets, linens and clothing. It created all sorts of issues with corroding pipes and destroying fixtures. The water was tinted orange, smelled like rotten eggs and tasted terrible. At that time, there was no such thing as purchasing bottled water. We either drank from the tap or bought something besides water. I never liked milk or juice, and my mother refused to give us soda. As an adult, this habit has continued and I rarely drink enough water. I have passed out from dehydration on several occasions. I’ve realized the importance of sufficient hydration and make a dedicated effort to be better about drinking water. I keep a bottle nearby while I workout. I usually workout for around sixty minutes every morning, and I make sure to consume an entire bottle of water. Despite getting my heart pumping and becoming wet with sweat, I need to remind myself to take a drink of water. I play music throughout the workout, and I make it a habit to take a large sip at the end of every song. Otherwise, I’ll finish the entire workout and never even open the bottle of water. Letting myself become dehydrated is bad for my health. I frequently suffer really awful migraines because of it. I am more at risk of injury and it takes my muscles longer to recover after a workout.

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