Fitness is a priority in my life

For me, working out is the number one priority in life. Exactly the same way I make certain to wash my hands, brush my teeth and comb my hair, I set aside time for physical activity every afternoon. I make it a point to get up in the morning and workout right away. I have learned that I’m more productive earlier in the day. While the workout is tiring, it always makes me feel energized and better about myself. I am dedicated to the strength, stamina and flexibility of all areas of my body. I enjoy the breathless feeling I get when my heart is pumping hard. I take pride in getting drenched with sweat. I find that an early morning training session results in a higher energy level throughout the whole afternoon. I can plan on being in a happier mood and being more productive while at work. Since I don’t want to waste the rewards of the physical exertion, I try to eat healthier. I’m more determined to stay away from fast food and soda and opt for a fruit smoothie and a fresh lettuce salad. Although there are days when I’m a little tired, stiff or sore, or maybe I just don’t want to be physically active, I never avoid a workout. I’ve made my fitness plan a main part of my life and the sacrifice is worth the results. While I watch my friends pack on the weight, slow down and have issues with all sorts of health problems, I stay fit, strong and healthy. I take the time to go for bike rides, challenging hikes, kayaking, zip lining, swimming and playing soccer. People are always shocked by my age and that’s because I appear younger by staying in amazing shape.
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