Dizzy spells and no a/c

In college, I was an all-around athlete.

Such was my physical fitness that I never seemed to tire. My teammates loved it but opponents would grow frustrated as the games went on. It was a surprise when I got some dizzy spells a month ago, which I attributed to the changing season. Last Saturday, the dizziness came with a vengeance. I woke up feeling lethargic and a shower didn’t help. After my morning chores, I drove to my brother’s house and somewhat felt better – even better after shooting the breeze for a few hours. In the background, I could hear the air conditioner kicking in after the regulated intervals on the settings; but I never thought of it until I stepped outside and the heat struck again. In the car, I was fine but got dizzy spells a few minutes after getting home. I lay down but I started to sweat as soon as I got on the bed and I had to remove my t-shirt. A few minutes later, I was choking under my own breath and felt suffocated. Next thing I knew, there were voices all around me. As my wife explained, I’d temporarily lost consciousness from the heat because the air conditioner was not blowing enough cold air. It was a stitch in time as she had apparently called an HVAC technician while I was at my brother’s house and had it fixed when I was fighting the heat spells. Knowing my background, she didn’t panic and observed me as the air conditioning system cooled the house. My health and probably my life was saved by a working air conditioner – just in time!

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