Boyfriend won’t attend couples fitness class

My boyfriend, Jim and I had been dating for about three years when we booked a trip to Barbados. We both decided we should lose some weight and get in better physical shape prior to our vacation. We’d invested in all sorts of physically strenuous excursions, including zip lining, hiking and scuba diving. We wanted to get the most enjoyment out of these activities. Plus, we both hoped to look better and feel confident about taking photos in our bathing suits. Jim and I agreed to enroll in a couples fitness class at the local gym! Prior to the start of these sessions, I suggested that we should prepare. I made some alterations to our diet, started stretching in the mornings and going for short jogs around the city. The first class was demanding and difficult. The trainer took us to our physical limits and everybody in the class was sweaty, breathing hard and feeling a little sore. Jim was super miserable. She could barely walk the following afternoon. Instead of becoming motivated and making certain he was better equipped for the next training session, Jim sat idle and complained. He drank coffee and ate junk food. Even though my muscles were sore as well, I increased the level of my personal training. I increased the duration of my runs and worked to run faster. When it came time to head to our next training session, I was excited and eager. Jim refused to go with me. It was slightly embarrassing to attend a couple’s fitness class all by myself. However, I did it and those classes got me in terrific shape. By the time I arrived in Barbados, I’d lost fifteen pounds, toned my muscles and significantly improved my health and entire fitness level. Jim and I were no longer on speaking terms and broke up after the vacation.

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