We worked on the HVAC system

When my partner and I were having difficulties with our furnace, we decided to do the repairs on our own. Our furnace is really old and it seems that all we have done over the past two years, is replace parts. We knew that if we called the HvAC company to do the repairs, it was going to be really expensive. That was when we decided we would be able to do the work on our own. We honestly began to think that if we replaced enough parts in the furnace, it should soon be working like a brand new one. We were terribly wrong in this thinking. It is just that we had been seeing a steady rise in the cost of HvAC repairs. We understood that the parts were getting more expensive and they needed to charge more for the HvAC technician to do the work, but we couldn’t afford it. We knew that our furnace only had a broken thermostat wire and it needed a new pump. We got an estimate for the cost of the repair and it was almost $400. I was able to go to town and purchase a new pump and the thermostat wire, for less than $100. I didn’t think it was going to be too difficult to do the repairs, after looking in the furnace. To be honest, it took me less than an hour and the furnace was working again. I was so proud to have saved a couple hundred dollars and been able to do the furnace job properly, I called the HVAC company. I wanted to tell them that I was able to do the job.


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