They didn’t want to fix my furnace

I have darker skin because of my Indian heritage.

I am of American Indian descent and that has always had me being treated a bit differently.

I thought that as I got older, things would improve, but I was proved wrong. I bought this old fixer-upper and I was planning on doing all of the repairs on my own. I made sure to put enough money back for emergencies and an emergency came up in the form of a broken furnace. I decided to get a couple of quotes on the replacement of the furnace. I wanted something modern and that would be energy efficient. I called three HVAC companies and requested that they come out and do a quote for me. The first person didn’t even get into the door before assessing me and my home. She told me that they didn’t service our kind. The second man showed up and he looked around the house. He was rude enough to ask me if I seriously thought he would do this kind of work for a lazy person who wouldn’t even pay the bill when he was done. I couldn’t believe their mentality. I was going to pay cash for the new furnace and they wouldn’t even give me the time of day. I was on my way home from work the other day when I saw the first woman HvAc tech sitting along the road. She had a flat tire so I pulled over to offer my help. She was very grateful for my assistance, then she recognized me. I was in my suit and tie and she was shocked. When she said about the furnace, I told her I found someone who was less prejudiced to install my new furnace.


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