The boiler flooded our basement.

This past winter, I learned a valuable lesson.

I learned that I should never allow my kids to play in the basement during the winter. I was considering having our basement finished so we could use it as a playroom. While the contractor was there doing our estimate, my daughter and son were downstairs with us. We have an old boiler in the basement and we were talking about having it replaced. The contractor suggested we change the HVAC system before we had the basement finished. We are now glad that we waited. Our daughter had been over by the boiler and no one had noticed that she turned the faucet and there was a small stream of water, steadily coming from the faucet. In case you don’t know, a boiler is a heating system that uses water to heat the house. There are water pipes that lead from the boiler and go all through the house. The water is heated in a large vat and when it reaches temperature, it flows through the pipes and delivers heating. I don’t go down into the basement very often. About three weeks after the contractor was at our house, I had an occasion to go down into the basement. Since the stream of water was so slight, our boiler was able to continue heating water and maintaining the temperature of the house. The water was steady enough to flood the basement. I stepped down into cold water that was almost up to my kneecaps. We are so glad that we put off having the basement finished.


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