My car didn’t have air conditioning

No matter where I am, I want to have air conditioning.

I know that there are some areas where air conditioning is more important.

If there isn’t any air conditioning in the library, I really don’t care. I don’t spend a lot of time in the library, so why sweat it if the air conditioning is down. If the air conditioning in my car were to stop, I would probably panic. Last week, I found out much I would panic if the air conditioning in my car were to break. I was heading to work a bit early that day and I turned on the air conditioning. It only took a couple of minutes before I realized the air conditioning wasn’t going to work. That afternoon, I got into the car and it was so hot that it burned through my slacks. I rolled down the window, but it isn’t anywhere near as good as the air conditioning. I began to perspire and I was really uncomfortable. I soon found out how expensive it is to have your air conditioning fixed. It cost me a couple of hundred dollars to get the air conditioning fixed and I gladly paid it. It can be hell to drive in a car with air conditioning. I never want to go with air conditioning again. I will go without air conditioning anywhere but in my home or in my car. I can’t handle it when I am so hot that I begin to sweat like a pig, and that is exactly what I did when the air conditioning in my car broke.

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