I was the wrong color

The HVAC technician who was in the van, was the same man who came to my house

Being a full-blooded American Indian, my skin is a bit darker than most people. I have found that I am always being treated differently because of it. As a kid it was really bad, but I thought it was improving. I found out recently that racism is still alive and well. I had a broken furnace a couple of weeks ago. When I bought my house, it was really cheap because it needed a lot of work. It was still a project when my furnace broke. I had enough money to purchase a good HVAC system. I never wanted to be caught without heating or air conditioning, so I had planned for the possibility of this happening. I called a couple of HVAC companies so I could get quotes to compare. I told them I wanted to purchase a new furnace and I made three appointments with different HVAC companies. The first technician thought that I was a light colored black person and she told me that her company didn’t work with my kind of people. The second person took a look around the house and told me that he wasn’t about to replace a furnace for someone who was too ignorant to work and couldn’t pay him for his work. A couple of days later, I saw a service van broken down. The HVAC technician who was in the van, was the same man who came to my house. I helped him to fix the van and he offered to do the work on my furnace and apologized for his ignorance. I turned him down and I talked to the third HVAC company. They had no problems working with me and they even offered me a really good deal.



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