Tightening up the house before installing a new gas furnace

After purchasing our home, my husband & I had no choice but to live with an outdated gas furnace.

We had a long list of remodeling projects that needed to come first. Replacing the furnace was very low on that list. It was a priority for us to update the electrical wiring for the sake of safety & convenience. We were forced to make repairs to the roof to avoid structural damage from water and rot. However, every time the Winter weather arrived, we complained about the performance of the gas furnace. It had trouble keeping up with especially cold days and nights. Despite operating continually and costing us a ton in utility bills, the house typically felt a bit chilly. There were specific rooms that were always downright cold. Plus, the furnace introduced a great deal of dust into the breathing air. The warm air had a musty odor. The furnace was quite loud & dried out the air. The insufficient humidity created problems with static shock, dry skin & frizzy hair. My husband & I decided to tighten up the thermal envelope of the home before installing a modern gas furnace. We knew this would allow us to invest in a smaller unit which would cost less to install. It took a long time to complete all of the upgrades. We installed all new windows, spending more on thermal pane, Energy Star rated options. We caulked around the new windows. We replaced our front door & added weatherstripping. We hired an HVAC contractor to add insulation into the walls & ceilings. My husband and I handled the insulation in the attic. We then consulted with a local HVAC company & invested in a modern gas furnace. The improvement in our comfort level and reduction in energy bills has been amazing.

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