Smashing model plane into air conditioner

Ever since I was a little boy, I’ve been intrigued by buildingthing.

I used Legos and building blocks or anything I could get my hands on to create things.

I like building something from nothing. My interest has grown as I’ve gotten older. My basic building processes gradually became more skilled. On my twelfth birthday, my parents me an RC plane! I just loved it immediately. It got me determined to begin building my own model planes. I studied online videos & tutorials. They didn’t provide much information. I ended up taking apart the remote control plane I’d gotten for my birthday to see how it worked. It was difficult to take apart & even more difficult to put it back together again. I eventually realized the basics of building a plane. I bought the various parts I needed & started putting together a working plane. I was so happy when it actually flew. I knew I could make a better model. I continued to purchase better quality parts to improve the end result. I built six planes, one after another during the year after I got that first RC plane for my birthday. I painted the final one green & yellow. I carried it into the yard to show of for my friends how well it flew. While I was pretty good at flying that little plane, I became over confident in my abilities. I steered the plane around obstacles and took it really high air. My friends were impressed. I was proud of my accomplishment. I guided the plane into a spin and had it curve around the air conditioner compressor. At this point, my judgement went wrong. The tip of the wing just clipped the outer edge of the cooling system. The plane spun around and crashed into the cooling cabinet. The model was immediately crushed to pieces. There was a mess in the yard that needed to be cleaned up. My parents were not pleased because I might have caused damage to the cooling system. The plane was totally wrecked. Fortunately there was no damage to the air conditioner.



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