Portable air conditioner is perfect solution

I lived with no air conditioning for quite a few years.

In my local area, air conditioning isn’t really necessary.

The Summer weather is often quite short. We rarely get more than two months of high heat & humidity. However, those few months can be a challenge. The temperature climbs into the high eighties or low nineties & the humidity is horrible. However, we are just as likely to get stuck with a whole Summer of nothing but gray skies, rain & chilly temperatures. Installing a central cooling system is way too expensive to make it worth it. Plus, I invest so much to pay for heating during the long & extremely cold winters, that I can’t spend more money on a central cooling system. I don’t want to pay huge electric bills in the summer. I am always anxious to opening the windows. I spend the majority of my time outdoors. I figured out that I only needed an air conditioner in my bedroom at night. I was finding it difficult to sleep because of that overheated, clammy feeling. Relying on box fans wasn’t good enough. The open windows simply invited in bugs, dust, exhaust fumes & pollen. The noises of traffic, road construction and barking dogs was interrupting me early in the mornings. I looked into portable air conditioners available at the hardware store. I was happy with the compact size and low price. I purchased a window air conditioner for my bedroom. The installation process was easy and required less than a half an hour. Once it was in the window, I plugged the cooling component into the outlet and enjoyed the cool comfort. That little air conditioner supplies a tremendous amount of cool air. It is able to maintain the ideal temperature. I am able to sleep better now. I like the sound of the cooling unit running. I enjoy the feel of the air circulating. The air conditioner also filters out air contaminants for a cleaner and healthier sleeping environment.

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