It’s hard to be cold every single day

My parents have a nice winter cabin that currently does not have working heat.

The furnace stopped working last year in addition to the fact that my dad has refused to fix it.

He doesn’t believe this furnace is necessary, especially since they only spend a few weekends there during the winter season. My dad in addition to my mom certainly thought this property would be nice as something to fix up, but it seems too far off the beaten path for folks to enjoy at any time during the year. The place really needs a lot of Renovations in addition to repairs. The furnace indoors has not worked in 3 years, but my mom and addition to my dad still go up there when the weather is really cold. A few months ago, my brother in addition to myself had some questions when they were going there in January. None of us remembered seeing much of a furnace in the area. My Dad tried to tell me that a small space heater would work out just fine. I knew with temperatures in the 20s, that my mom in addition to Dad would be far too cold with nothing but a tiny heater. My sister and addition to myself will have to speak with them on some terms about a solution to the furnace problem. The both of us literally cannot understand why they would spend so many chilly days ouch, so if it is a price of money than my sister in addition to myself will likely pay for some of these repairs to be made



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