Heat pumps are an amazing invention

I am convinced that one of the best inventions in recent history is the electric heat pump.

  • I was unfamiliar with this type of temperature control unit until I moved south.

Heat pumps are commonly used in areas where the Winter weather is generally mild. The system provides both heating & cooling. Using just the one unit saves on space & cuts down on service needs. The system runs on electricity and works by moving heat energy from one location to another. Even when the outside weather is cold, there is ambient heat available in the air. The heat pump gathers this heat and compresses it to a higher temperature. It then pumps the heat indoors. In the summer months, the process is reversed. The heat pump functions very much like a conventional air conditioning system. One of the benefits of a heat pump is that there’s no need to burn fossil fuels to generate heat. There is no combustion process, which eliminates the production of greenhouse gases. This also eliminates concerns with carbon monoxide, hot surfaces or fumes. The heat pump is very environmentally responsible. Plus, this type of heating system doesn’t dry out the air or require a humidifier. Heat pumps are effective at controlling excess humidity during the Summer. Modern heat pumps effectively filter out air contaminants and provide superior air quality. A heat pump is wonderfully safe, quiet and clean to operate. Modern models include variable speed technology, automatically adapting output to the demands of the home. The system can operate for longer cycles at lower speeds and maximize efficiency. This also provides a more even temperature. While heat pumps are expensive to purchase & install, they trim running costs through energy savings.

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