Having trouble paying for the repair of the gas furnace

The repair was minor, bt I still couldn’t pay for it

When the most current model of Iphone was offered, I just had to have it! When I saw the price tag, I was a bit discouraged. I realized the nearly my entire paycheck would be devoted to covering the cost. Even so, I drove straight to the store. I don’t earn a ton of money, so I need to be conservative with how I spend it. I really wanted that new iphone so I charged it on my credit card. I was then forced to make monthly payments & pay interest. I used my savings to purchase a new iphone plan with unlimited data. It took me several months to work my way out of the financial setback. I cut back on all needless expenses & only purchased necessities. I ate lots of rice & stuck with tap water. I used my bicycle to get to work in order to lessen the expense of buying gas. I used up all of the canned food on my shelves and managed to get by with just the cleaning supplies and paper products I had on hand. I was just starting to relax and think I was going to be OK. I should have known that having no way to pay for an emergency would end up being a big problem. The gas furnace quit in the middle of January. I knew I was in trouble. The furnace gave no warning before it malfunctioned. I am not handy with a set of tools. I don’t know how to fix a gas furnace. I am aware that combustion products are very dangerous, so I was not eager to mess with it. I considered going without heat but the outside temperature had dropped down to eight degrees. I worried about the water pipes freezing and bursting. I called and arranged a time for repair from a local HVAC contractor. I was lucky that they provide financing. The repair was minor, bt I still couldn’t pay for it. Now I make a monthly payment for the iphone & the repair of the gas furnace. I am really low on funds and am forced to take all the overtime I can work.


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