Going without air conditioning while waiting for replacement parts

My house is as hot as an oven. The outside temperature has been consistently in the high eighties for the last several weeks. I am without air conditioning. The open windows aren’t keeping me cool. During the Springtime, I overlooked the weird sounds the air conditioner was making whenever it started up. The cooling equipment sounded like it was suffering from congestion. I was super busy at that time of year & short on funds, so I continued to ignore the warning signs of big problems with the a/c. Despite a great deal of dust blowing from the vents and an unpleasant musty odor, I delayed scheduling a time for repair. I was aware that the service bill would be very costly. I was also not happy about taking a day off from work to meet the HVAC tech. I hoped the cooling system would manage to operate until the end of the summer. I figured that I would take care of the concerns with service in the fall. Unfortunately, the a/c stopped working in the middle of June. I verified that the batteries in the thermostat were fresh. I also cleaned the air filter. I couldn’t get the air conditioner running again. With the high outdoor temperatures, the house rapidly became overheated & uncomfortable. Box fans weren’t enough to provide relief & I found it impossible to sleep at night. I finally called for service with a licensed HVAC contractor. The technician took the component apart & discovered an alarming accumulation of dust. There was also mildew and mold growth. He told me that my failure to schedule proactive professional maintenance had led to the malfunction. Because I overlooked all of the warning signs, the damage was severe. He needed to order a bunch of replacement parts. Without these parts, I was left me without an air conditioner. I’ve been waiting for 2 weeks & I have no clue how I will come up with the money to pay for the repairs.



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