Ducts are to blame for furnace issues

When I started having some issues with the performance of the gas furnace, I never thought that the air duct system was the reason.

I began to realize that the furnace was running longer and more often than normal.

The continuous operation was consuming up a lot more energy which led to very high energy bills. Plus, the house didn’t feel as comfortable, and specific rooms were fairly chilly while during especially severe winter weather. Raising the temperature on the thermostat didn’t have much effect. There was also a lot of dust floating around & nasty odors flowing from the heating vents. I arranged a service with a local HVAC company. The technician listened to my complaints with the furnace & immediately looked over the air ducts. Testing of the ducts revealed numerous small holes & gaps at the seams. These problems were sacrificing nearly 30% of the heated air. Outside air was also coming into the system, which was spreading all sorts of pollutants into our breathing air. The HVAC technician advocated professional duct sealing. I expected this process to be messy & labor-intensive. However, the technician utilized a recently developed and advanced technology called Aeroseal. This process targets holes in the ducts from the inside. The technician sealed up the supply and return vents & then delivered highly pressurized air into the system. This air contained adhesive polymer particles. When the air escaped out of the various holes, the sticky particles gathered along the edges & formed an airtight seal. The mixture is water-soluble, non-toxic & left no residue or odor behind. The duct sealing process was finished in around 2 hours & the sealing is warrantied for ten years.
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