Compromising over temperature setting of air conditioner

I got assigned a roommate when I showed up for my junior year at college in the fall.

Mary & I soon became great friends.

We began hanging out together all the time. She & I even look alike and get mistaken for sisters a lot. We have a ton in common. I am just happy to be done with meeting a new roommate every year. My former roommates have never worked out. We’ve always experienced a problem that caused one of us to move out. I’ve dealt with roommates who stole my shoes, left milk to rot in the room, brought guys back at night or were just hard to be around. It was a big relief when I met Mary. She is easy going, considerate and fun. However, like most friends, we eventually ran into a disagreement. The dorms at our school are super old & the heating & cooling unit is outdated. In many rooms, the HVAC supply vents won’t open. Mary & I were in a suite with vents that didn’t supply sufficient air. We weren’t receiving any cool air from the air conditioner. Plus, the windows don’t open for safety reasons. We complained to the housing department about our overheated dorm. They offered us a portable air conditioner to use. This started a problem over the temperature setting in our rooms. We decided to place the portable air conditioner in the living area with the TV so that we would both benefit. Mary likes to set the temperature far lower than I prefer. I tried bundling up in sweaters & thick socks, but I was still shivering. Whenever I adjusted the thermostat a bit higher, Mary complained of feeling sweaty and getting a headache. It was difficult to find a compromise in temperature. Neither one of us is overly happy with the temperature level, but neither of us is overly unhappy either.



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