Ancient air conditioner is the nicest feature of apartment

Several years ago, I accepted a new job across the country. The pay wasn’t great, but the opportunity for advancement of my career was enormous. I was able to enter my chosen field within a company I’d been hoping for since I graduated from college. I packed my car with all of my belongings and drove the nineteen hours south. I was in a big hurry and had little money to spend, so my choices for apartments was limited. I found a place online after checking out a few pictures & texting back and forth with the landlord. When I showed up, the apartment was a disappointment. It was way smaller & older than I had expected from looking at the photographs. I was scared that the stairs might collapse when I hauled my possessions inside. By the time I finished unloading everything from the car, I was wet with sweat. I then discovered that the apartment’s front door wouldn’t shut tight & most of the windows were painted shut. The water pressure in the bathroom was non-existent & there was only a short supply of hot water available. I was just grateful that the apartment came furnished and provided an air conditioner. My first look at the cooling unit didn’t inspire confidence. The outer cabinet of the cooling component was dented & rusted. I was sure that the air conditioner was older than my parents. Most of the control knobs were broken off entirely. However, when I turned on the a/c, it supplied a powerful blast of cool air. It was able to drop the temperature in the entire apartment by several degrees in less than an hour. I got used to the fact that the air conditioner was loud. The cool air had a musty odor. The system wasn’t exactly energy efficient. It kept me cool and comfortable even when the outside weather was super hot and humid.

a/c tune up