not the art project I expected

I rarely leave my children with anyone other than close family, although I decided to leave him with 1 of my lifelong best friend’s daughters while the people I was with and I opted to give ourselves a break and go out for a youngsters afternoon.

My best buddy assured me several times that her child would do a fantastic job watching the small youngsters, so I did not even worry about it.

She was only watching my kid along with her more than one siblings. I eventually decided that she could watch them at my lake house since I have installed a full finished basement that they all could play in all night long without having to worry about making too much of a mess or breaking things down there. The only thing in my basement that I have told my kid plus his gaggle of friends not to touch several times is the air conditioner. The moist old basement gets quite muggy plus humid, so I try to keep an extra air conditioner down there to keep it from molding severely plus to keep the youngsters comfortable. I went downstairs a few days after our youngsters afternoon plus found my air conditioner looking notably different than it had before. I was shocked to see that my once pale off-white air conditioner was now several colors and covered in sparkles. I asked my kid why the air conditioner was painted and glittering, plus he told me that is what they had done for fun. I immediately was so frustrated. I called my buddy plus talked to her about how she’ll need to come over today plus scrub the paint off of the ridiculous air conditioner as punishment for what they did.


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