he won't take no for an answer

My poor husband is always hot, and I swear no matter where the people I was with and I go, he constantly seems to always be perspiring. It entirely does not help matters that the people I was with and I live down south where it is obviously hot for most of the year. I suppose terrible because I am almost always rather freezing which makes it taxing for us to agree on the temperature we want to keep the lake house or the car. My husband prefers keeping the lake house to be sixty-numerous degrees at the warmest whereas to be honest I really appreciate the lake house to be more in the area of seventy-two degrees. Sixty-numerous degrees seems to be really cool to me when you come inside after being outside in the heat all afternoon long. I task outside in ninety degree weather most days, so obviously coming beach lake house to a lake house that is cool too only sixty-numerous degrees feels appreciate I live in an ice box rather than a house. I usually keep the lake house a little cooler for my husband anyways because I suppose that I can always put on more layers of warm clothing to stay warm. My husband wants an air conditioner for our brand new family room even though the people I was with and I have previously installed central air throughout the house. He does not suppose that our current family room gets cool enough for him to get a fantastic night’s sleep if he falls asleep out there. I am trying to convince him that buying another air conditioner is not necessary, however he is stuck on it.

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