Having no ventilation in my kitchen is going to be a problem:

When I moved into my current apartment, I was absolutely thrilled about the move.

I had a small place of my own finally, and it was the perfect size, just a one bedroom and one lavatory. Some people would say this small, although I love it completely. When I was searching for a good apartment, I knew I wanted something that was under 1000 square feet! A small area is definitely practical and cozy, and it keeps me from filling it with a ton of useless things. During my first month in the apartment, I was so busy unpacking and managing my everyday life that I ate out all the time. During the next month, when I was more settled in, I thought I would try cooking my first meal. Everything was actually fine, until my oven started smoking like crazy and I couldn’t find an HVAC vent. I searched the small area like crazy, but there was no air vent in the whole area! My tiny kitchen space was filling with smoke fast, and so was the rest of my small apartment. Quickly, I opened all the windows and turned the fan on, in order to get the smoke moving. I was trying to avoid setting the smoke alarm off! After realizing that cooking would be a major problem and I couldn’t consistently open my windows every time I was trying to eat, I decided to call my local HVAC machine dealer. I know I’m only renting this place, but I’m hoping they can set me up with an air ventilation system that’s affordable, portable and won’t cause any kind of destruction. I will be meeting with an HVAC specialist next week!

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