I will be so happy to give my HVAC business to my daughter

I was raised in a genuinely traditional style of householdā€¦ This is an extremely nice way of saying it was completely sexist. Our mother never got any kind of respect from our dad! I had a younger sister, and she was treated good until she became a teenager, at which point he treated her as bad as our mother was treated! All of this has taught me plenty on how to be a real man, and how NOT to be a sexist man. I treat my wife basically like a queen, and our child Marley essentially like a princess. I also treat them as equals, at our beach house and in the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment company where we all do work together. Marley has been working here for the last year or so while taking Heating and Air Conditioning equipment training classes at the community collegeā€¦ Even though she has more hands-on Heating and Air Conditioning experience than a lot of professionals I know, she still has a ton of things to learn, and so these classes have been truly great for her. She has a lot of ideas about how to grow and expand, not by offering more services however my focusing on a few Heating and Air Conditioning equipment specialities. With such intelligence, I assume that whenever I make the decision to step down the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment company will be in the best, most capable hands. It would entirely make my father roll over in his grave to hear that I built a Heating and Air Conditioning company up from the ground only to let a female take it over. I assume the future of everything, including the Heating and Air Conditioning equipment industry, is female!

a/c serviceman