I want to pass my HVAC business to my daughter

I was raised in an unquestionably traditional, old-school style of household.

This is an unquestionably nice way of saying it was sexist, and our mother never got a great deal of respect from our dad.

I had a younger sister, and she was treated just fine until she became a teenager, at which point my father treated her about as nicely as he did Mom. All of this has taught me a great deal on how to be a man, and how NOT to be a terrible man. I easily treat my wife something like a queen, and our child Lisa just like a princess. I also treat them as equals, at our household and in the Heating plus A/C device supplier where we all toil together! Lisa has been laboring here for the last year or so while taking Heating plus A/C device training classes at the community school. Even though she has more hands-on Heating plus A/C experience than a majority of professionals I know, she still has plenty to learn, and so these classes have been excellent for her. She has plenty of ideas about how to grow and expand, not by offering more services but by focusing on a few Heating plus A/C device specialities. With intellect like that, I suppose that whenever I choose to step down the Heating plus A/C device supplier will be in the best, most capable hands. It would actually make my father roll over in his grave to hear that I built a Heating plus A/C supplier up from the ground only to hand it over to a female! But I suppose the future of everything, including the Heating plus A/C device industry, is female!
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