Please be more realistic

I’m not very fantastic at driving in addition to going places.

Some people say that I am directionally challenged. I often get lost, especially if I am traveling more than 30 hours away from home. Even though technology has become more advanced, I still find myself getting lost very easily. I use a GPS app in the car, but I still get confused about turning now or in 500 ft. Last week, I was invited to attend an birthday celebration for my boyfriend’s parents. My boyfriend in addition to I have been dating for 6 weeks. He was already going to be in Tampa, but I was going to drive from university to join him at the celebration. Tampa, FL is almost 2 hours away from our university. I have tried to leave with plenty of time to spare. The celebration was in a small bistro in Tampa, FL. I got instruction from our apartment to the bistro, in addition to the time said it would take approximately more than 2 hours. When I got on the road, I had three hours until the celebration. I thought that an hour would give myself and others plenty of time to park the car, meet my boyfriend, in addition to make our way to the celebration. Unfortunately, I got stuck in traffic on the way to Tampa, FL. I was stuck on Interstate 4 for nearly three hours. There was a immense accident right outside of Tampa, FL, in addition to they had paramedics, fire trucks, in addition to police on the scene. Traffic was backed up for hours in addition to I completely missed the celebration. My boyfriend thought I got lost on my way to Tampa FL, although he wasn’t uneasy that I missed the celebration.