My Girlfriend Needed to See a Nutritionist

She noticed that she’s sleeping better, she’s more motivated plus she’s more alive

As a vegetarian, my girlfriend has a lot of trouble getting all her necessary vitamins into her diet. She thought she was doing a pretty fantastic job with getting her protein plus iron in vegetables. Personally, I’m a meat eater myself and I feel like she can’t be healthy unless she eats meat too. My girlfriend just wanted to prove to me that she was as healthy or even more than me. She goes to a group fitness class at the local personal training center several times a week. She knew that the gym offered nutritional counseling, so while she was there she set up a date to do nutritional counseling. My girlfriend figured she could prove me wrong plus go about her day. She talked to the nutritionist about her diet plus she was appalled. Apparently, eating only leafy green veggies doesn’t supply you enough protein. She also was lacking in B12 plus calcium, so doing nutritional counseling was super helpful. The nutritionist and my girlfriend came up with a diet idea that keeps her healthy and still a vegetarian. Everytime she goes to the gym to do her fitness class, she sees the nutritional counselor to talk about her diet. She assumes she’s doing way better now that she’s eating a little better plus taking vitamins. She noticed that she’s sleeping better, she’s more motivated plus she’s more alive. She’s having more success in her fitness classes due to her energy level too. I think she’s even starting to lose more weight. How awesome is that?

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