I wasn't listening carefully

My girls are at the age where everything they want is either expensive or unrealistic.

This year, my husband and I have been listening to everything they talk about.

We know that we won’t get a good take on their Christmas present, if we don’t listen carefully. The only thing they have talked about is the upcoming concert in Tampa, Florida. They seem to be in love with this group and they want to be able to go to the concert. I have listened to their chatter about how we would never allow them to go to Tampa on their own. We know they are right about that, also. Although we have faith in their driving abilities, at sixteen we are not ready to give them that kind of freedom. They would need to stay in Tampa, Florida overnight, and that is not what I am ready for them. My husband and I discussed whether or not we wanted to get the tickets for them, but the Tampa Fl concert is all they are talking about. I am thinking that the best thing I can do is to take a day off work and make it a long weekend in Tampa for the whole family. We can give the concert tickets to the girls and then pick them up after the concert. With a hotel room, we will all be able to have a weekend of fun, with each other, and on our own. Our girls were thrilled with the concert tickets we gave them for Christmas. They are also okay with our choice of how they had to be dropped off and picked up. Romantic dates don’t need to be expensive.


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