Coworker is without a working air conditioner

It’s often apparent when somebody is having a rough time.

It’s always my impulse to step in and offer my assistance. Susan, a co-worker of mine, has been looking upset lately. Every day, for the past several weeks, she has arrived at work looking exhausted. Her blouse and skirt are wrinkled. Her hair is limp and there are dark circles under her eyes. At first, I assumed she was coming down with an illness. Susan has even been rather disorganized lately. Although she hasn’t been in a bad mood, she also hasn’t been full of smiles. It has been obvious that something is wrong. Last Monday, I finally decided to ask what was wrong. Susan admitted that the air conditioner installed in her apartment had quit completely. For the last two weeks, she’d been without access to a working cooling system, Since we are at the beginning of July, this is a bad time to be without air conditioning. Unfortunately, all of the local HVAC companies are swamped with repairs and replacement job. She was looking at waiting another two weeks before her service appointment. Susan told me that the temperature in her apartment sometimes rises up into the high eighties at night. She was having difficulty sleeping. I invited Susan to move in with me until her air conditioner could be fixed. She was really grateful. Susan moved in with me for two weeks. She was happy with the air conditioning. We got along so well that we’re planning to share an apartment when her lease runs out.

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