Winter is too cold for anything

Winter for some folks is mild with no snow or ice. If I had my choice, that would be the winter I would be able to enjoy every year. Unfortunately, I don’t live near the sun. My family as well as myself are located near the coldest region of our area, and its cold all of the time. We don’t have to worry about the air conditioner, because it never gets warm, The frost is constant, and the snow and ice never melts. It’s horrible, if you ask me. Someday, I’m going to figure out a way to move out of this place and live somewhere by the warm beach air. The two of us are certainly I often wondered what it would be like for the people who live near the beach. They probably have the type of several homes that don’t even need heating equipment. If it does have heating equipment, the two of us would actually certainly be surprised if it was more than one of those types of units like we have. When there’s too cold around here for doing anything at all, other than maintaining the heating source for your cabin. My family as well as myself certainly spend a few hours checking for drafty spots as well as insulating all of the small areas. We’re out there with caulk during the afternoon just making sure the drafts and our indoor environment can retain some heat. Some of these days, I’m really going to be able to move out of the area, but until then, I’m stuck dealing with these heating problems and this cold and icy are.


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