Poor air quality causing so much accumulation of dust

I moved into a new place this past year, as well as I noticed that the air quality was inferior to my previous residence.

I would consider myself a fairly clean person.

Throughout the week, I make an effort to keep the house clean as I go. I clean all my dishes when I am done with them, I make the bed every afternoon, as well as I keep my belongings tidy. On the weekends, I stay on top of laundry, vacuum all the rugs, as well as sweep as well as dust difficult surfaces, then up until this point, this has always been more than enough for me. However, in this new site, I’ve noticed that no matter how often I clean, there is always a layer of dust accumulating on the floors as well as shelves. I started to clean more often, but I actually don’t have the time to be dusting surfaces every other day. I had no system what the cause of this accumulation of dust could be, however after some research, I realized that the problem was terrible air quality. When I moved in, I didn’t even feel about the service of the heating as well as cooling units. I decided to update the air filters in an effort to reduce the accumulation of dust. Sure enough, the vents were caked with dust as well as debris. I changed out all of the air filters as well as scrubbed every single vent in the house. I noticed an immediate difference in the air quality in my home. I feel that I don’t need to dust as frequently, I just need to remember to clean as well as change my HVAC filters every 4 to 6 weeks. I’m just relieved that I was able to locate the source of the problem because I was not a fan of all that dust!


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