It’s not too thrilling commuting to Tampa regularly

When my wife got pregnant, I started seeking a better job! Both of us already had 2 kids living in the property, and another mouth was going to be incredibly difficult to feed! At the time, I was working for a car dealership outside of Tampa.

The commute to and from work was not very long at all… I enjoyed being able to sleep late in the morning hours, and I was comfortable at that particular dealership.

When my wife came to learn that she was pregnant with our first child, she urged me to get a better job. I put my resume on a ton of online websites, and I searched through thousands of job advertisements. After 3 weeks of searching, I found a pretty excellent job at a brand new Mercedes dealership. They interviewed me for a lead company job, and offered me head of the parts division instead. I have to drive 45 minutes to work every single morning, and the commute to Tampa is getting incredibly old. Even though I live a little bit outside of Tampa, traffic is always terrible. It takes almost half an hour just to travel 5 or 6 miles. Almost everybody commutes to and from Tampa, and most people with families do not live in the actual town. It’s truly lavish to live inside Tampa, unless you live in some kind of apartment or a condo! My wifey and I are incredibly happy living in the country, where the two of us have plenty of land for the kids and the pets to play. I don’t care for the commute every single day, but the Tampa car dealership offered me a pretty great salary. Not only do I get paid holidays, but I also receive a bonus check every quarter.


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