I’m making my own way

Look out people! There is a current heating and cooling device contractor in town, and guess what? That current heating and cooling device contractor is none other than yours truly! I recently graduated from Heating and A/C school and got my official certification to become a heating and A/C device specialist! To be entirely honest, the first thing I did was try to get a task at a few of the local heating and cooling device suppliers in town, and even in the city next door.

None of them wanted to hire me! It was either because they had more than enough heating and cooling specialists, or, they did not want to hire a brand new heating and cooling specialist straight out of school.

They say without experience they are not able to hire you. But, how can you get experience if no one will even provide you a chance? It’s a catch 22 as they say, however, that’s why I chose to go into business for myself. Being an independent heating and A/C device contractor, I hope to be able to get the business of most people locally to easily gain that experience! I am going to start by making my prices incredibly cheap, so they will want to call me before a sizable old heating and A/C business. Then, once I have them, I will raise the price at a later time. But, I will still keep my prices lower than the heating and A/C device suppliers in town. That will make them easily think twice to turn down someone who is attempting to get a career and make a decent living!


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