I did have to spend a bit extra

I have been thinking lately if I am wasting money on things that I should be.

I think about how much money I spend when I go to the doctor’s office, where is all of the money going? Is it going straight to the doctor? I guess I will never know.

However, are there some cases when spending a little bit extra is worth it? I have been thinking about this a lot lately and I think in some cases the extra money is worth it. A few weeks ago I came home from work and the house was really warm. I didn’t think too much of it at first, but went over to the thermostat and check to see what was going on. I noticed that my thermostat wasn’t’t turned on and I started to get a little bit worried that something was really wrong with my heating and cooling system. I called a local HVAC company to come out to the house and look at my HVAC system. It was late at night so the fee to come out was a little bit more than it normally would have been. I thought it would be worth it for peace of mind knowing my HVAC system would be working again. The HVAC worker stayed at my house for about three hours working on the HVAC system making sure that it was working properly before he left for the night. I will always pay more for HVAC work in cases like this. I am so glad that I spent the extra money.


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