I decided to get into business for myself after being turned down

Look out folks! There is a new and improved heating plus cooling service professional in town, and guess what? That heating plus cooling service professional happens to be yours truly! I just graduated from Heating, Ventilation plus A/C machine college plus got my official certification to become a heating plus air conditioner machine specialist! To be entirely honest, the first thing I did was try to get a task at a few of the local heating plus cooling machine companies in town, plus even in the town right next door! None of them would hire me! It was either because they had too many heating plus cooling machine workers, or, they did not want to hire a current heating plus cooling machine worker right out of college.

They basically told me that separate from experience they can’t hire you. But, how can you get experience if they won’t supply you with a chance? It’s a catch 22 as they say… So that’s why I made the choice to go into business on my own. Being an independent heating plus air conditioner machine service professional, I truly hope to be able to get the business from everyone locally to gain that needed experience! I am going to get started with making my prices so cheap, that they will want to call me before a crucial heating plus air conditioner machine business. Then, once I have the customer base, I will raise the price later. But, I will still keep my prices lower than the heating plus air conditioner machine companies in town. That will make them certainly think twice before deciding to turn down someone who is trying to get a good job plus make a good living!

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