I can’t believe how terrible the air quality is at the bank

With the way things are these days, not a lot of people have to go to the bank anymore. There of course are times when you do still have to go in though. This was the case for me fairly recently when I had to open up a current checking account for my business. I had not been to this bank in multiple years. I remember it being quite nice though, and so you can imagine how shocked I was when I walked in and found that the air quality in the venue was horribly stale! That is the best way I can describe it, and really exhausting air quality to put it very lightly! They seriously could have used a powerful air purification system in that venue. Not to mention, their heating and a/c machine was not so great either. I do remember them having really fantastic heating and cooling a few years ago. I am not sure what happened or why both the air quality, as well as the heating and a/c machine is now lacking! Could it be because they are getting cheap due to the lack of in person clients maybe? I’m not really sure if that makes sense. But maybe that’s why they didn’t reach out to a heating and a/c machine specialist to take care of this air quality concern they got going on… All I know is that I was really glad to get in and out of that venue as fast as I could manage! Because of there being hardly any clients, I was lucky to be out of there within 10 minutes or so. I hope I don’t have to go back there before they get their air quality problem under control.

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