Fickle weather problems

The change of seasons has its pros as well as cons.

  • I am always easily gleeful when Spring comes around as well as brings warm weather our way.

The winters are so long as well as cold around here that I am so grateful to see plants growing as well as the sun shining; However, the negative is that the weather is always switching from a single extreme to the other. This past week, the weather spiked up into the eighties. It was so warm that I was forced to fire up my for the first time all year. I soaked up the sun as well as spent the entire day outside. I got around to some yard toil I was behind on, as well as I even study a book out in the backyard. When I came back in, it had gotten quite late. The day as well as the warmth had weary me out, as well as the a/c felt so good. I laid as well as enjoyed the cool temperature, but I feel I got just a little too comfortable! I fell asleep with the a/c running on full blast. When I woke up in the afternoon, the weather had proven to be a fluke. The temperature was back down into the fifties, as well as my house was completely chilly! Because I had left the a/c on, it made the drop in weather significantly worse. That’s why it’s pressing to be extra careful with temperature control during the change of seasons. I wound up blasting the heat just to compensate for my errors. It is a waste of energy to switch always between the heat as well as the a/c. I am looking forward to the summer time so that it’s no longer a problem!


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