That was frustrating

Growing up both of us would go visit our Grandparents every summer.

It was our favorite time of year because our Grandparents had the coolest house.

They lived right on the lake and had boats and toys for us to play with. Spending the summers out there every year legitimately did make me so happy. The people I was with and I regularly had a big calendar and would mark off the days until both of us would be able to go out and stay at their lake house. However, there was 1 thing about the lake loft that both of us all hated, and that was the Heating and Air Conditioning system. They didn’t even have a properly laboring Heating and Air Conditioning system. So both of us would spend all day out in the sun and come beach loft to a warm house. My Grandparents had small cooling system window units in each room however they didn’t have central air conditioner. It was the only annoyed part about going out to our Grandparents every summer. The people I was with and I would complain about it all year long and our mom said he would talk to them about getting central cooling system, however both of us all knew they never would. I hoped they would change their minds, however all the years both of us spent there as kids and there wasn’t any air conditioner. The people I was with and I just played in the lake when both of us go too sizzling and tried not to know about how sticky it would be at evening. I legitimately do miss those days and I hope our kids get to experience things like this 1 day.

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